Sunday, 19 May 2013

Brides Keepsake…… Jewelled Lucky Horse Shoe/Heart

Please excuse the glue globs on some of the photographs, it was still wet in my eagerness to get this post written.
Jewelled Brides HeartI don’t have a clue what to call this ….. when I had the idea I was thinking about the lucky horse shoes you give to a bride outside the church/registry office …. but heart shaped!  If that makes any sense at all?????
I saw this string of vintage decorative hearts in Home Bargains for £2.99 and knew immediately what I wanted to do with them, and as there were four hearts altogether, it was a no brainer, as you just can’t even buy one wooden heart of such quality from craft establishments for that price!
I decided to use one of the small hearts, which measured approximately 5.5ins x 5ins for this project and then raided my cupboards for a whole variety of embellishments including paper flowers, cabochons that I had been sent from WholePort, fabric and crocheted flowers, plus flat backed gems and flowers and pearls …. you name it, I used it  as my desk proves!
Jewelled Brides Heart 1Like my jewelled mirrors I built  up the design, adding gems to the fabric flowers and filling all the gaps with small pearl beads.
Jewelled Brides Heart 2 HorseshoeI think it is all the fiddle fart, very sticky building up and filling gaps are what makes all the difference when looking at the finished heart. I used a narrow cream ribbon to hold it by, threading it through the existing hole at the top, with the bottom hole being easily covered up by all the embellishments.
Jewelled Brides Heart 3 Horseshoe I now really want to make a couple of horseshoes for summer weddings, which I think could go down a storm at work.  Marc gave me one when I last went to see him ….. now if only I could find it amongst all my bits and pieces …. I can see it in my minds eye, I just cannot remember where I squirrelled it safely away,  DOH!!


Cheryl W. said...

Absolutely wonderful! What a treasure it will be!

Moggles said...

They're stunning, another very clever idea that I'm sure any bride would love to receive

Sue said...

What a beautiful idea. The Range sells small hearts like that.

tilly said...

a stunning heart and they would go down a storm anywhere!
the horseshoe will look wonderful

misteejay said...

How pretty - perfect for a summer wedding.

Toni xx

Indigo Blue said...

This is gorgeous! Very eye catching, I would have loved one of these on my wedding day.

marc said...

i did give you a wooden one but dont forget you can make your own out of thick cardboard you can do any letters you want as well as hearts, doves, birdcages cover with a couple of layers of loo roll/ kitchen paper makes it super strong and gives a good background to paint on ect makes it look finnished on the edges ect you can also pad out with news paper and then cover with loo rool to give a thicker padded look they can be made to stand up ect these are cheap ways to dec any party big love marc ( for a demo on useing loo roll paper machie take a look on you tube under art attack a kids programe but they use it a lot on the show you can adapt it to your need its used in display shows ect a lot )