Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little Wish Bottles.

I made these little wish bottles for the GCSE Food girls at school.  Every week for the past two years they have been cooking the most delicious food which they asked me to help evaluate …. it was a hard job …. but someone had to do it!!!
little wish bottles
I wanted to give them a little something to say “thank you” and to bring them good luck for their exams in the coming weeks.  The bottles came from The Works and cost 99p for a pack of 6, all I added were a few stars and a tiny piece of paper on which I wrote “wish”


Glen said...

Ohhh such cute gifts Helen. Ü The girls will love them.
It has been a while since I have visited your blog and I see that there have been more than a few changes! I am soo sorry of your loss. It is so nice to see your work and you always inspire me with your ideas. Take care and TFS. ~Glen~

Helen said...
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Sue said...

Lovely idea.

marc said...

they will love these big love marc