Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wednesday Night is Wedding Crafting Night At Castle Greysquirrel–With Guest Crafter!!!

As you know,  Wednesday nights are Wedding Craft Nights chez moi! Until we started having these evenings I had only met the Lovely Laura’s mum,  The Equally Lovely Denise at Tom and Laura’s graduation and that is a good few years ago now, so it’s been lovely for all of us;  Sarah (the Duke’s Sister), my nieces Emily and Daisy and my Lucy to all get together ahead of THE BIG DAY,  as well as “doing our bit” towards the celebrations.
Last night we finished the last of the “after dinner mints” for the tables, which complement the invitations and the place cards ……
I am sure everyone was right royally cussing me as they were quite fiddly,  but in the end we’ve manged to get over 200 done, which should be enough for every guest to eat two and take one home as a memento!
And this week The Equally Lovely Denise bought all the wedding mice she had crocheted while on holiday,  that will be given as wedding favours to all the gentlemen ……
Oh my life, they are sooooooooooooooooo cute,  I don’t think I can let them go! I am determined to find a “gentlemen” at the wedding who will willingly give me theirs if I look plaintive enough!!!!
Denise is putting a little strip of self adhesive magnet on their underneaths so that they can be used as fridge magnets …… but “mine” is going on my dressing table. 
We are also contemplating whether to use my Silhouette machine to cut out tiny wedge shaped boxes to look like cheese to put them in …………. aghhhh more fiddlefart!!!!


Cheryl W. said...

Wish I could be a fly on the wall at this wedding - but then I'm sure I'd get swatted! It's going to be beautiful, no small thanks to you and your crafting team.

Sue said...

WOW! You have been busy. I think it's wonderful that you are all getting together and making the things for the wedding.

Great idea to put the mice in cheese shaped boxes.

So looking forward to seeing photos of the day.

Suze Bain said...

Your mint toppers are gorgeous and those mice are so fab. I hate to give you more work, but the idea of the cheese box is inspired! Xx

marc said...

i to love the mice and cheese shaped box is fabtastic its all in the detail you have all done so well big love marc

marc said...

did i say just how fabtastic mints look as the do big love marc

lonidan said...

Love the choccies but the meeces are fantabulous!! xx

Merry said...

You are all so busy
All the projects are so wonderful