Friday, 14 June 2013

Fimo Heart Shaped Gift Tag

I am not sure if this tag is too less is more, but nevertheless am rather chuffed with it!
fIMO hEART tAGI love the pearl beads/pendants from WholePort, they are really good quality, they feel substantial and there is nothing cheap about them, if you know what I mean.  I did a quick dollar/pound conversion and they work out at £1.28 for 5 pieces – although P & P costs need to be added, however to be honest I have never found post charges from China that expensive, if you are prepared to wait a couple of weeks for your order.
As soon as I saw them, especially as I am  into tags at the moment,  I had an inkling as to what to do with them, but,  wasn’t entirely sure if my idea would work ……
I got out my white Fimo and a cookie cutter.  I added a little Hunkydory Diamond Sparkles to the Fimo as I kneaded it for a very subtle glittery effect,  before rolling it out and cutting the heart shapes tags.
I stamped the hearts with my docrafts With Love stamp (MTY 906118), and then made a hole at the top and bottom of each heart,  before baking in the oven for 30 mins at 130C/265F
fimo tags.1
When the hearts were cold I attached the pearl bead/pendant to a 10mm gold jump ring through the bottom hole and another jump ring at the top for a 2mm piece of ribbon to hang.
As this was all a bit of trial and error, I am really pleased with the overall result, and there is still plenty of room for experiment as I have kept things very plain and simple. They were made with the intention of being used as gift tags,  but they can be easily adapted for Christmas tree decorations….. watch this space!
I am now on the look out for small, very simple sentiment stamps for different themes, so,  if you see any please give me a heads up!


Julia Mander said...

Beautifully simple Helen - I could see these being given to a bride on her wedding day - much nicer than a horseshoe x

marc said...

I am with Julia I was thinking favours as jewellery may be add a crystal bead/pearl with a spacer at the top and bottom of it at the top of the heart so the ribbon threads throw it if you know what I mean love it big love marc

Frenchie said...

I think the 'less' is fabulous!

Sue said...


Cheryl W said...

I think these are stunning, Helen! Wouldn't they look lovely on a wedding or anniversary gift? Or, frankly, on any gift.

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