Saturday, 8 June 2013

Guest Crafter–My Daughter Lucy

In my daughter’s room at the moment is are two lines of the most beautiful rainbow of wool ….. Lucy has set herself a target of crocheting a blanket for her room between finishing university and her job with the council and before taking up her new job with a firm of accountants in Shrewsbury on 1st July …..
She has already put this cushion cover together. I am so jealous, I can knit but can’t crochet to save my life, I have tried to learn so may times but it’s all alien to me! 
I know I should ask her to try and teach me because crochet is sooooo on trend at the moment, and I would really like a crocheted bag  ……. and then perhaps I could start on a project like this ………!!!!!!


camcraft said...

I am sure your daughter will succeed in her challenge.I too thought crochet was alien. I purchased Wendy Poole's DVD An ultimate beginners guide learn how to crochet. After several goes following Wendy's instructions I managed to crochet a flower. A.n independent review can be found here.
Now I yearn to learn more so I have booked a class at a local yarn store.

Sue said...

WOW! What a lovely bright coloured room.

Den said...

This will have to be a future 'craft club' adventure. Perhaps Lucy and I can teach you together? E.L.D

Jem said...

Oh my word - this person must LOVE crochet! Janex

YorkshireKaren said...

If you really want to learn crochet, I think you'd love Lucy's blog...this is the link
She crochets the most beautiful things and her patterns are really detailed with LOTS of step by step photos. I made myself a little flower brooch, have a go, I'm sure you'll soon be "hooked"!

Merry said...

What wonderful colours and what a full life your daughter leads. :-) I too can knit but can't crochet and put this all down to my Mum who is left handed and I am right handed. My sister is left handed and can crochet but not knit. Well thats my theory. :-)

marc said...

I would have to pay some one to do it for me Lucy has done so well love her squares big love marc