Saturday, 22 June 2013

Not Such A Brilliant Idea ….

My idea for “preserving” a few dandelion clock seeds didn’t quite work, I wanted something magical ….. I don’t think I succeeded!bottled dandelion seedsThe little blighters were a devil to “pluck” with my eyebrow tweezers and then put into a small bottle (The Works 99p for 6), every time I breathed they went everywhere …
Dandelion ClockI added a little Hunkdory Diamond Sparkles for a little extra magic …. but it seemed to cling to the sides of the glass rather than to the seeds … so all in all,  a little disappointing …..
I have found some lovely things while Googling ……
And I haven’t entirely given up on the idea, but I think I need to be a little more delicate ….  and think less is more …. However breaking the rule immediatley ….. I think I might embellish the bottle a tiny little bit to make up for my first not so successful result …. so watch this space!!


Di said...

Hi Helen

I've been peeking every day, but struggle with the comment verification :(

But I just had to comment and say how lovely your little bottle is - what are you like girl, sitting with tweezers and dandelion heads? Heard it all now :)

Did you know that Ikea stock ceiling lights that look just like dandelion clocks? One is mahooooosive, but they do a smaller one as well.

It's great to see you posting regularly - but remember, if you find it a struggle we'll still be here waiting.

Love and hugs, Di xx

PS Hank and Marvin are doing well :)

YorkshireKaren said...

Oh those lights are beautiful Di, I agree. Here's the link they do them in two sizes..
Now I want one!! As I onyl live two miles from Ikea Leeds, the temptation might be too much....!

Bitter_Angel said...

Are you using fresh clocks? I was going to suggest perhaps drying them out first, just leave them somewhere warm and dry for a while. Might be easier to work with then.

I would also be caustious about adding things like glitter to them, as they are delicate and the weight of the glitter could damage it.

I am thinking the other thing to take into account would be static, to get them to sit nicely. Maybe worth trying something like a little bit of cornflower on a cotten bud and wiping it around the inside of the holder first, but remove as much as you can, when done.

You may have already done all that, in which case ignore this comment, just a few ideas I have had on a similar idea.

Cheryl W said...

I love that tiny little bottle with the "wish" charm. You only need to give that imagination of yours a little time - I know that elusive brilliant idea will come to you. :)

marc said...

fab ideas Bitter Angel I haven't tried this but may be once dry spray from a good distance with a bit of light hair spray to hold it as I said don't know if it will work ricks dad has a glass paper weight with a whole head of the seeds in it so delicate looks fab there are pictures on the net of what it looks like good luck big love marc

camcraft said...

Same conclusion as Marc above - A friend tells me that before picking the dandelion clocks; first spray with Hairspray at a distance. Apparently, if you want to preserve pampas grass you do the same.