Monday, 26 August 2013

The Wedding Of The Year, Las Vegas And London Lounging With Marc …..

P1100772As you know I’ve been “quite” busy this year ……. which finally culminated in my five week summer break of which I now have just one day left  ….. in that time I been to Vegas, London Lounged with Marc AND last weekend (24th August to be exact) celebrated the Wedding of The Year.  I have barely spent more than a couple of days at home,  let alone drawn breath  …….. and in reality I haven’t written/blogged Fiddle Fart for a very long time relying on very  thinly spread scheduled posts to carry on.

tom and LauraI have decided that the next few of weeks, covering these events will be my swan song ……  I am going to try a get post written every couple of days, starting tomorrow with the wedding ….. although to be honest I think The Monkey’s have pretty much covered it in their own inimitable style  …..

c las vegasWhile I was in Vegas I “did” a Smash book, so I am going to use that as the basis to tell mine and Lucy’s story with a few added photos and comments.  ….. AND yes ….. I did get to shop in a Michaels, a 99 cent shop and a Wallmart , plus  pawn something in the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop,  something Andy and I had planned and talked about often. I gambled (unrecklessly) at the roulette table, flew over and visited the Grand Canyon, visited Hollywood and paddled in the Pacific Ocean on Santa Monica beach …… and drank an ample sufficiency of cocktails ……amongst MANY other things!

g….. so for now it’s a case of watch this space and perhaps calling in a little more often than once a week for a while ……


John Lockwood said...

Hi I have loved your blog for so long I am so glad you have had a fabulous summer break! its great that you took some time for yourself. Good Luck moving forward.

John x

jc2711 said...

Hello, your trip to the USA looks amazing, I hope you had a fabulous time. I am looking forward to seeing some photos of the wedding, I bet it was a very special day.

Jackie and Bob

Di said...

Hi Helen - super photos, a great taste of posts to come.

One thing that worries me is you saying it will be a swan song - please don't say you're going to stop blogging :(

Hugs, Di xx

Silvia said...

You have had such a wonderful summer and the memories will make your heart smile as often as you want. Isn't it great how our minds let us "time travel" backward and forward and what I truly appreciate is how you take us along on the ride!! Anxious to hear about each one of these wonderful life events!

Pamela said...

Looking forward to reading all about your travels and adventures. Have already read about THE wedding with the monkeys.

Merry said...

How awesome.....I can't wait to hear more.