Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Snowman Doodle No.1

I found a couple of doodles I had done of snowmen, goodness knows when, at the bottom of one of my craft room drawers …. and I thought, why not ….  with a tiny bit of jiggery pokery I could offer them as a download on my blog!!  So I have ……snowman 1
A snowman is a snowman and comes in many forms, and as far as I am concerned as I drew “Dilbert” with my own fair hand using a Stabilo black point 88, fine 0,4  on a sheet of white scrap card, way back when, the design is mine and I am free to give it away to whoever I like!!!
I haven’t done anything with it myself ….. with time flying as fast as it is I probably won’t ….. this year, but if you do, I would love to see what you do with it.


Cheryl W said...

Helen, I LOVE your snowman and would happily use it on some Christmas cards. When I tried to download it, however, it said the file had been moved or deleted. :(

Mrs B said...

hi Helen. Dilbert is lovely. I will try and download him later. Thank you for sharing him. Take care.

SueF said...

He's so sweet - thanks for sharing. Cheryl, I've just managed to download it ok so maybe the problem you had has been fixed


marc said...

love your snow man can do so much with him big love marc