Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful Times With Marc - Marc’s Glittered Poppies

Glittered Rememberance Poppy.Marc does beautiful things with his Remembrance Poppies, I showed them last year, but it won’t hurt to show them again, especially the ones he made this year while I was with him.
Glittered PoppiesFirst, he took them apart and then after covering them with a light coating of PVA glue, sprinkled them with glitter, red for the petals, black for the centre and two shades of green for the leaves……
Glittered remberance poppy…… the lighter green first and then when it was dry adding the veins using a fine glue applicator. The results as you can see are stunning!
We had meant to do a poppy in Marc’s Ranger Melting Pot while we had it out but unfortunately we forgot until it was put away, aghhhh, however we did see one done on Create and Craft on Wednesday when The Melting Pot was the Pick of the Day to equally stunning effect.


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. The poppies look great, very simple but effective. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Marc says:- i am still getting glitter out the dogs i always do glitter poppys i do them for friends ,i have a friend who runs a pub and i sent one to her, she has brought a lot of poppy's her self for me to glitter up for her to re sale again so she can raise even more money so thats what i have been doing all weekend i mounted them on black card and put in a celo bag and not forgetting a bit of fake white stitching around the edge i know she will raise more money for the poppy fund every penny helps

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