Monday, 11 November 2013

Wooden Advent House No. 2

Advent House. Wooden. tescoI must be a glutton for punishment, because yesterday morning while listening to the omnibus edition of The Archers I finally finished a second Advent House, as an early Christmas present for my sister-in-law who has been so unbelievably golden to me over the last eighteen months. I wanted to make her something special, that perhaps will become an heirloom her children will fight over!!!!!!
002I now have one last Tesco house left …. and that will be for Tom’s and Laura’s next year, and Lucy will be given my original one.  Anyway I digress …. I decided to use HobbyCraft Christmas 12 x 12 canvas sheets on this house, thinking it would be different to use a textured “paper” and it would save me all the varnishing!!
Altered Advent House. craft Advent House. Advent HouseI kept to my basic design, using the same Hobbycraft Advent numbers as I used on the one for Jacob, but I had to source a lot of new stuff, like new snowmen (Craft For Christmas from eBay), some sparkly gift wrap (from Bulters) which should prove far more economical for other Christmas projects too, for the snow as I had absolutely no A4 white glitter card left………..
Advent House TescoAltered Advent House. Wooden Advent House. Christmas Advent House. Heirloom Advent House.
….. plus some silver corner and small dot peel offs and some green and gold trim from the market (£1.50 a yard) …… oh and two of the snowflakes I got from the charity shop earlier in the week glued together with a flat back gem in the centre, at the top of the roof.
Altered Wooden Advent House. Christmas 2013Wooden Advent House. Craft. Tesco. Altered Adevnet House
I think I fiddle farted with this house far more than I did with the other three I have made …. every time I thought that is it, I found somewhere else to embellish ……
Altered Wooden Advent House. Decorated Advent HouseWooden Advent House. tesco
……. it just seemed to go on and on and on!!!  But if you can’t over embellish at Christmas, well when can you?
I also need to apologise ….. life is rather busy at the moment, but I have enough posts in the bag to keep to an every other day type schedule,  but I don’t think I will be able to produce the amount of “new” ideas that I have done in the past ….. however, the old ideas are still there if you go to “labels” on the right side of the blog and click on anything that begins with Christmas or sounds remotely like!!!
003I will endeavour to do something with all the bits that I have shown you in my recent heads up …… I am slowly building up the blog to it’s former self  ….. and am loving crafting again ….. the buzz is definitely back ….. it’s just that  my social life is too !!!!!!


misteejay said...

Stunning Advent Helen and it is lovely seeing you enjoying your crafting again.

Toni xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. This is beautiful. What a keepsake! Will be looking forward to seeing what you have done with all of the bits and bobs you have shown us lately. Take care.

tilly said...

this is another stunning heirloom house! love all the little details........ never feel you have to post every day, we all just love and appreciate it when you can, otherwise it becomes a chore! thanks to all who have helped you back to your crafting (especially Marc)and his melting pot lol
Tilly x

marc said...

I LOVE IT SO MUCH its fab you do such a great job with these every one would love one got my shopping today thank you so glad you got the balance right with social life and crafting its working by the way have you seen these great to go on brown paper parcels wrapped with red ribbon or string ect a tag and one of these good price a big love marc

Pamela said...

Another stunning Advent house Helen. Now listen hear Missus! Your new found social life is far more important than entertaining us lot. It's wonderful to read that you're enjoying crafting again but you need your family and friends so go out and enjoy yourself!

Cheryl W said...

This advent calendar house is really marvelous. It's soooooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

jc2711 said...

Hi Helen, oh I so need one of these and so does my great nephew. I will have to start looking and collecting and have a go next year; not enough time this year.
I so enjoy your blog. However, I agree with the other people's comments, you go and enjoy your social life, we will still be here. Have fun, whatever you do because you deserve it.

Jackie and Bob

Vikki said...

Studio do wooden advent houses for £8