Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Fiddle Fart Painting For My “New Sister” The Equally Lovely Denise

Back in October  I started a new painting after e-mailing the Equally Lovely Denise to see if she would like to do a crafty swop, as I had a hankering for six crocheted cushion covers for my Wolverhampton lounging, but as I can’t crochet for toffee I was a stymied. Fortunately Denise said yes ….. and we had a win win situation! FBMy start back in October boded well, the canvas which measures approx. 48ins x 36ins was almost half way done, and then I just got very busy with other things, and the promising progress drew to a grinding halt, aghhhh!!!!!
Flower painting with birdsBut, all last week I kept telling myself that I WOULD finish it this weekend, as there was no way I wanted to be painting it on Christmas Eve, which is what I  was in danger of doing.
flower painting with bird.But as there are things going on in my craft room, like an open loft hatch, I had to work in my dining room on the table, not my angle of choice, as I far prefer to work up against a wall ….if you pardon the expression!!!!
flower painting. acrylic paint. vibrant flower paintingAll the time I was working I was not at all sure how it was going to turn out.  I wanted the flowers to be brighter and less detailed than my last two efforts , and I wasn’t too sure about the birds.
almost finishedOnce most of the space was filled in, I got out a thick, black marker pen to add the detail and fill in the fiddly gaps ….. it was only then I relaxed and thought, it’s going to look ok!
detail. flower and bird paintingI did however find it very hard to know when to stop adding a squiggle or a line here and there and just walk away, and say that’s it, it’s done.
painted birdI tried to do it a couple of times and then couldn’t resist going back with a white Posca pen to add a few more fiddles and diddles!
painting finally doneI just hope the aforementioned Equally Lovely Denise thinks it’s a fair swop!
It may be a while before I dabble again, I think I paint like a crafter, not an artist. I don’t find it as relaxing as I think I should, mind you the size can’t help!!!   However I don’t think I will say never ever again!!! 
I got my inspiration was from an artist called Heather Galler, I just love all of here stuff, especially the houses and the dogs, and I am not really a doggy person


Cheryl W said...

I think this is stunning! Love the addition of the birds! Your works of art are so filled bright, happy colors, I just smile when I look at them. Thanks for sharing your work!

jc2711 said...

Hi Helen, this is fabulous, so cheerful and there will always be something to look at and spot; I love it :)

Jackie and Bob

Anonymous said...

Well the ELD and the Ever Patient Ken are thrilled. Just hope you like the cushion covers as much. Looking forward to the Xmas 'craft swop'!

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Wow, that is brilliant! I'm sure Denise will love it. I think bartering is such a good idea and wish more people would do it. You not only get goods rhat you want/need but you make a friend as well...result! I had a look at Heather Gallers site and she is amazing, what a talented lady! I will be looking at her pictures again, can't say at the moment if I have a favourite. I hope you do more of this but understand you need a good break before thinking about doing it again, maybe a smaller piece:) Have a good day. Take care.

Jane Walker said...

Just beautiful Helen. I love it.

Judith said...

Helen this is so colourful and bright! Lots to look at, and to talk about.

tilly said...

what a stunning painting....... if the equally lovely Denise does not like it I will buy you 12 crocheted cushion covers to swap.. hehehehehe

KraftyKaren said...

Oh that is so vibrant - really really lovely x

Merry said...

I love seeing these pieces of art grow….beautiful as always.