Tuesday, 24 December 2013

More Handmade Christmas Cards From You …… And A Fiendish Thought/Plan ……

Once again thank you for all the lovely cards you have sent me ….
Puppy Christmas CardSanta Christmas Card
My efforts however, this year have, for me been very, very disappointing ……
Teddy Christmas Card.Gingerbread Christmas Card
…… things happened from September onwards that conspired to not leave me enough time to do all the Christmassy things I had planned/hoped to do …….
sleepy bear Christmas card….. so in the coming year I am going to take a leaf out of Cheryl W’s book who left this comment the other day ……..
“I have vowed to start making my 2014 cards and tags in January - I'm thinking 4 or 5 of each per month would be such a help come next December. I wonder if I can stick to such an audacious resolution!”
And to add to this plan, instead of holding the ideas back until the end part of the year I am going to post them as and when, throughout the year ……. well that’s the theory!!!!
Again,  “Thank You” for all the lovely cards, you’ve put me to shame!


KraftyKaren said...

Glad my card arrived safely - I look forward to seeing your cards through the year. I always have to start making mine in January as usually need over 100 for our family needs plus 50 plus to sell for a local charity that I volunteer with. I adore the card that I had from you and the monkeys xx

Cheryl W said...

I will look forward to seeing your Christmassy creations each month. I will be sharing mine, too, on my blog. I really hope I can keep it going. :) Hugs to you at Christmas!!

Paula said...

My shameful card with the inky blob. Spent ages lovingly creating the card only then to go to stamp it on the back and drop the darn ink on it!