Monday, 30 December 2013

My Last Refurb Bastion …… My Bathroom

In the past eighteen months I have sorted out much of the house, it has given me something to concentrate on, a continual focus, as well giving me a bit of a thrill as everything has come to fruition.  Nothing has been that major, just a freshen up, a lot of painting,  new soft furnishings and the rearranging of my bits and pieces.  At first everything was very neutral in white and magnolia but as my confidence has grown, colour, mainly turquoise, lime green, fuchsia pink and purple has crept into almost every room, making things interchangeable!
My bedroom has been my favourite project so far …… it has become my “boudoir” … but February will see the start of the last bastion of my refurb,  to wit the bathroom …. at the moment it is sooooo urggggh I am ashamed, and is the room that no one sees (until now) …..
Bathroom 1Bath panel
…. see I told you it was urggggh!  The plan is that it will all be retiled in white (again!), with a new loo and sink, flooring and a cupboard for storage.  I want it to be a girlie spa for me and Lu and so my bit is going to be making a patchwork effect bath panel, front and side!  I have Googled extensively for fancy bath panels but have drawn a blank …. so I just have a picture in my head …. heaven help me if it doesn’t work.  I am going to use squares of my prettiest, flowery craft papers and then coat with lots and lots of layers of matt varnish to make it waterproof. 
Bathroom 2 Bathroom Mirror
At the side of the sink I am going to make another one of my bejewelled mirrors, I am hoping that Primark will have plenty of bits that I can disassemble after Christmas and I still have quite a few bits and pieces still to be used.
The old mirror is very plain …. so I am hoping to find something like the mirror below to replace it, it’s from Argos, and is the perfect size, but unfortunately is cream …… so I need to do a bit more searching, and will hopefully find a bargain in the sales.
I have already bought two sets of glass shelves from Argos to go on the bath wall, which I am hoping to fill with lots of coloured glass charity shop finds that I can put tea lights in for ambient relaxing bath times, I am are hoping not to use the main light very often.
downloadAnd finally, I found these picture frames in Poundland that are just perfect for the ideas I have in my head ….
Poundshop frames…… measuring 10” x 8”, 7” x 5” and 6” x 4”, I am planning on filling them with more patterned papers and pieces of “dramatic” jewellery from Marc ….. and then arranging them on wall next to the loo.
Well, that’s the plan anyway ….. so it a watch this space situation as I start doing my bits towards a completion date at the end of February when hopefully everything will come together.


Chrysalis said...

Hi Helen - your bathroom will look fab when you've finished. Had you thought of making your own frame for your mirror - perhaps a 'gilt' papier mache one, or with some wooden trim cut to size and glued around? Or maybe you could spray paint the one from Argos? Good luck with it, anyway. Happy new year! x

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Love the ideas you have for your bathroom. Can't wait to see the finished pics. I have always said that bath panels should be much nicer so yours will be lovely. Like Chrysalis my reaction to the cream mirror is to paint it. It is usually quite easy to take the mirror out of the frame, and to replace it. I freely admit that our bathroom mirror, which I love the shape of, has been repainted twice now. Take care.

jc2711 said...

Hi Helen, looking forward to seeing the bathroom when finished. You could then move onto my house, to keep your hand in, so to speak :)

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Jackie and Bob

marc said...

its going to be fab i agree you can repaint and guild the mirror very easy to do i know the bath panel will look fab we did one for a show which we painted white gloss then covered in lace with spray mount and sprayed over it using black car spray paint we peeled of the lace when paint was dry (only spray paint at the time they sell interior spray paint now) it looked fab for what we wanted which was a very over the top black and white girly bathroom one of the stylist took it home for her bathroom it lasted 5 years lolso can be done you keep having fun and remember what i have always said its your house you do it any way you want big love marc

Merry said...

What an exciting time for you. You have such wonderful plans. I can't wait to see it grow.