Saturday, 7 December 2013

Snowman No.2

This is the second snowman doodle I found in one of my craftroom drawers gathering dust ….. which you are most welcome to download if you would like too.snowman 2
As I said before, a snowman is a snowman in many shapes and forms and as far as I am concerned as I drew “Harold” with my own fair hand using a Stabilo black point 88, fine 0,4  on a sheet of white scrap card, way back when, the design is mine and I am free to give it away to whoever I like!!!

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Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Harold is gorgeous. I do envy you being able to draw/doodle such lovely snowmen (my favourite winter character) I picked up some lovely little plastic siver snowflakes, about 20 in various sizes with a little angel hair packaged in a clear box tied with siver ribbon for £1 and also some red ribbon type of thing that has a plastic back (it is almost thick paper weight) that is 100mm wide for £1.50, it cuts beautifully in my Grand Calibur!!! All from the Range. Hope you can make sense of my descriptions! I will be going back for moreof both items. Have a good weekend. Take care.