Sunday, 5 January 2014

Experimenting …… Making Wax/Faux Wax Seals

Wax seal crafts
I was having a rootle about in my craft room cupboards and found a Wax Seal Gun and a heart seal that the Duke bought me, goodness knows how many Christmas’s ago. I felt so guilty, I had asked for some proper sealing wax and a seal which he bought, plus the gun and wax sticks to go with it, but after a couple of disappointing results with the “real” wax and seal, it was all put away for a rainy day, the gun unopened and unused.  As I laid it all on my desk I said aloud …. “Oh Andy I am so sorry”.  If I could have that Christmas back again, Christmas dinner would have been late and everything would have had a seal stuck on it, to show him how grateful I was.
But I have had it out now, and am feeling pretty chuffed.  The wax sticks which I had in various colours didn’t go very far, perhaps making a maximum of four seals per stick, but the results were very pleasing.  Now, Marc will now be saying they need some gilding …. so I will be taking some down to London on my next visit for us to play with.
Then I got to wondering how the seal would work with Utee and my Ranger Melting Pot …. as I thought that if it worked, it would be an excellent way to use up all the scraps of Utee I had kept.
And as it happened all these scraps when melted together made a glittery, rich plum red which was perfect for seals!
Again, I was very happy with the results…….
Wax seal crafts. 1
….. I was even brave enough to “actually” seal a birthday card envelope for my Niece!
So now …..  my next job is to do something with all these seals …. I am thinking …… Kraft card tags and on parcels wrapped in Kraft tag paper………???


Cheryl W said...

I think the tag idea for the seals is perfect! That rich red would look great on kraft! Go for it!

marc said...

i think so to and you can use any colour guiding cream /wax micro powders on the dark ones just to highlight the detail in them it makes them pop they will add that real touch of class to any card or gift great to use on wedding items fab big love marc