Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Guest Crafter–The Equally Lovely Denise

Over Christmas Lucy and I nipped over to the Equally Lovely Denise’s and the Ever Patient Ken’s for a festive meal, but I just could not help looking at and admiring all of Denise’s lovely Christmas creations ….. and asked if she wouldn’t mind being my guest crafter for today
Planet penny Christmas decorationPlanet Penny Crocheted Christmas Decoration
Have you ever seen anything as lovely as these crocheted baubles? I was so jealous when I saw them, and decided there and then that I really MUST learn to crochet sometime this year.  They are just sooooo beautiful, in fact too beautiful!!!
The wool and pattern both come from Planet Penny:-

Advent Drawers,Advent Drawers
And then sitting on the mantelpiece were the Advent Drawers Denise had made for Ken.  Denise has become quite an expert on her Silhouette Portrait, again putting me to shame.  The drawers were made using downloaded files from Silhouette and then Denise used the print and cut  feature on her machine for all the patterns,  another process I have yet to master, after goodness knows how many years, perhaps 2014 will be that year!
Decopatch Christmas StarAnd finally, a bit of Decopatch …… gorgeous! 
It’s so brilliant to have another person in the family to bounce off ideas with and who is as daft and as enthusiastic about new stuff as me ….. I also have a spooky feeling that The Equally Lovely Denise is going to become a very  regular guest crafter during 2014 and beyond!


SueF said...

Lovely projects Denise


marc said...

o wow i am in love with them all will have to get my new cameo out and psst i have got a felting machine coming so you can play when you come down we need to save all our old fabrics and welcome Denise i love what you have been making and i might be putting in requests lol big love marc

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Yes you are lucky having another talented lady in the family. Denise has made some gorgeous Christmas goodies. Take care.

Cheryl W said...

Wow, Denise! Lovely work! I hope you will be Helen's guest again soon. It's always fun to see what others have created and only adds to the outstanding inspiration Helen offers.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to count Denise as a friend! I love what I see here and have seen some of her other excellent craft work. She is a brilliant crochet sister too! To sum up: Denise is very talented and very lovely! All the best Jen xxx

Den said...

Thanks fot all the lovely comments, but as far as papercraft is concerned, Helen was my inspiration, without her would never even have ended up buying a Silhouette! Marc, I am sure you will be brill with your cameo, but am always happy to help you if I can.
As for crochet, where would I have been without the lovely Jen, she really is the 'crochet queen' not just for the help to get going but with the lovely yarn as well. Helen, the yarn for Lu's bolero came from this Jen!

Helen said...

Oh my life, it's getting like an Oscar Award thank you speech in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL