Friday, 3 January 2014

Super Swopsies

You may remember that I and the Equally Lovely Denise (The Lovely Laura’s Mum) had agreed to do a swop …… I had a overwhelming desire for some bright crocheted cushion covers, as I had decided to embrace colour to add a certain je ne sais pas to my largely magnolia rooms……. and Denise rather fancied a FiddleFart work of art!!!!!!……
Bright flower and bird paintingWell,  just before Christmas we arranged the “grand hand over” …. oh my goodness, WHAT a swop! as I opened Denise’s parcel the whoops of delight just got louder and louder, not only from me but also from My Lucy ….. as each cover was revealed in all it’s glory, 
crochet cushions 3 and 4 - Copycrochet cushions 5 and 6 - Copy
I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am ……
crochet cushion 1 - Copy…… or how jealous Lucy was …..
crochet cushion 2 - Copy
…. and the backs are just as beautiful, made from a variety of cotton floral prints.
What a brilliant, brilliant swop, and I sigh every time I go into my lounge, because it looks so beautiful and bright!
Denise gets her Planet Penny cotton yarn from
The Facebook page is always well worth a look for brilliant ideas and crafty links.


Den said...

And myself and the Ever Patient Ken are equally thrilled with the painting, which has pride of place in our living room. Long live 'craft trading'! ELD x

tilly said...

you both got a stunning swap there ! love the cushions and I love the little birds on the art work!

Planet Penny said...

Wow! they look amazing! I hope it's ok for me to link to your post from the Planet Penny Facebook page where I'm sure they will be very popular. Thanks so much for linking to the shop,

KraftyKaren said...

What a fab swap - your canvas is indeed a work of art and those cushions are so beautiful x

marc said...

they are fab as is your canvas you both got things youlove and i want to lol big love marc