Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wax Seal Gift Wrap

Following on from my experiments with faux wax seals made using my Ranger Melting pot …….. I just wanted to see how one would look on a parcel …….. this was my first hasty attempt.
Parcel with wax sealI attached the seal, over the knotted string using a glue gun.  The small tag is made with a punch and is written in “my best handwriting”  Perhaps next time I think I should try a lighter coloured string as a contract ……. but overall it don’t look too bad.


Cheryl W said...

The seal almost looks like a rose. I think it's quite lovely!

tilly said...

I would love to receive a mysterious looking parcel like this, well done

Anonymous said...

that looks fandabbydozzzzy,all parcels should be wrapped like that.
dare i ask about the blue bin???

marc said...

i love it who would not want a parcel wrapped like that it makes it so special big love marc