Monday, 3 March 2014

I Saw These And Wondered …..

Birthday Numbers
I saw these “Signature” numbers in a local gift shop and thought what a brilliant idea …… but at £11.99 they were a tad expensive …..
Signature Birthday Numbers….. and then wondered if you could make something similar using the large papier mache numbers you see in craft shops ….. with a coat of paint and base, made from perhaps a covered narrow box, and then signed by well wishers with birthday wishes with a permanent Sharpie pen ?????? 


Cheryl W said...

I think you've got a great idea there! Run with it!

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Brilliant, can't wait to see yours if you do one. I love the idea of it being signed by everyone. Take care.

Den said...

Or do as I have done, use decopatch! Will send you a couple of photos. ELD xxx

Den said...

Ignore the last comment, it wouldn't work for 'signing' ELD!

Roni said...

Excellent idea Helen!! Can't wait to see your finished results!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox