Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Following On From Yesterday …… My First Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Well I am feeling a bit chuffed as my first wire wrapped bracelet has turned out pretty alright ….. meaning that I will actually wear it …….. instead of consigning it to the disassemble pile!
wire wrapped beaded braceletI took one of the plain wire bracelets Marc and I made and then took lengths of thinner, more manageable, coloured wires that I already had to attach beads that Marc and I had found in charity shops and a car boot during his stay.
wire wrapped bracelet 1 I remembered what Marc had told me and made sure that all the beads were secured to face outwards …….
wire wrapped bracelet…… and that I used the wire as my needle.
wire wrapped braclet 2I was surprised by the amount of wire it took to do all the attaching, but I didn’t want the beads to be secure and not move (or fall off) while the bracelet was being worn, but found that rather detract from the finished article it added extra colour, texture and dimension to make it all pull together.
Thank you Marc, you taught me well, I still need to do a lot more practising, but hopefully, one day, my finished items will be almost perfect!!!


Cheryl W said...

That lovely bracelet looks pretty darn perfect to me!

marc said...

that looks fab i love it well done you dont forget you can use beading thread/tiger tail as well big love marc

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. It looks pretty blooming good to me, love the coloured glass beads, my Gran used to wear a necklace made of these : ) Take care.