Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Monster Matchboxes

I think this is my last Halloween project of 2014. Finding interesting things in the poundshops to craft with this year has been tough …. I just can’t believe that there has hardly been any stickers to be had ….. thank goodness I had some leftover from last year.
So, for this final make I have decided to use the Halloween stickers sent to me by Dianne, my special blog friend in Florida.  In a way I was sad to finally use them, but they are no use in a drawer only to be admired now and again.
I have chosen to use them on some more Halloween matchboxes, using my Stampin’Up matchbox die and have also tried to use up as many of the other bits and pieces I have left over from this year and last, so perhaps next year I can start afresh.
I love working with orange, purple, black, green and orange, there is nothing subtle about them and they shouldn’t go together, but they do.
I am wondering if I can transfer the colours to Christmas ….. I am not sure if I have any embellishments or can find embellishments in these colours …. but perhaps it’s the perfect excuse to get my Silhouette out and make my own!


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. The stickers are great, so much better than any we have over here! I am not a big lover of orange but love how it goes with green and purple for Hallooween: ) Take care.

Cheryl W said...

These are great! I certainly think you should get that Silhouette into the Christmas spirit by using it to cut some holiday bits.

marc said...

they are fab and i love the colour combo rick and i had those colours orange purple and lime green as our christmas decs one year the only colour we did not use that year was black we used white instead we found some christmas decs in those colours but made our own out of salt dough, feather bowers, papermachai ,ect hung them on a artificial white christmas tree covered in orange fairy lights we also used feather bows in orange and lime green as paper chains on the ceilings it was really over the top but its what we wanted a sort of retro 60s 70s stage vibe every one who saw it loved it big love marc and yes get that cutter out