Thursday, 2 October 2014

Magic Glowing Lanterns

I’ve seen this idea so many times on Pinterest and wondered if it really worked, and now, having a little granddaughter I want to make sure that there is always something wonderful and magical going on at Nanny Nell's!
Glowstick lantern...I just got a clean,  dry jar and added a string hanger …….
Magic glowstick lantern.……. then took two glow stick bands and some micro glitter (but I wouldn’t bother with the glitter again as it didn’t seem to add anything to the overall effect).  The idea is to cut the glow stick in half and let the liquid drip into the jar ….
spooky kitchen wall …… not as easy as I thought (!!!!) and then I chose to “paint” the glowy stuff round the inside of the jar. Perhaps it’s a good idea to wear goggles or at least glasses, and I don’t think this is really something that children should do!
Glowstick LanternThe overall glowy effect lasted for about twenty minutes, after that the liquid gathered in the bottom of the jar, but still continued to glow for another hour or so after.  But I only used two small glow sticks (18 wristbands £1 from Discount UK) …. I could have tried more, but this was only my first experiment.
This also got me to thinking of other ways to use glow sticks ….. my next experiment ….. is to see what they look like worked into my twig door wreath, perhaps for Halloween.


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Thanks for testing this out. I have been meaning to test it before using it at Halloween, now I don't have to : ) Looking forward to seeing what else you do with the glowsticks. Take care.

Caroline said...

I bet they did look stunning, no matter how long they last. One thing though I'm not sure if you're aware of, the liquid inside glow sticks is actually poisonous, so always best to use gloves, glasses and keep well away from children.
At Halloween we've put the whole glow stick into a balloon and into upside down plastic disposable cups, looked fab along the front path. Xx

Cheryl W said...

Your mind works in wondrous ways. Lucky grandchildren!

marc said...

fab cut gat eyes in toilet roll tubes and put glow stick in side and put in bushes trees it looks like scary eyes looking at you great fun big love marc