Friday, 31 October 2014

My Garden

Do you remember when the bottom of my garden looked like this and I despaired …… never in a million years could I have done anything with it, I swear it grew even faster when I dared to make any feeble dent in it!Neglected Garden_thumb[5]And then I found a wonderful gentleman called Phil, and his wife Linda who have transformed it to this (below) ………
004I can’t believe how hard Phil has worked ….

….. clearing the neglected and overgrown vegetable patch
….. and covering it with purple slate, giving me a place to sit and have a mug or two of tea and ponder. I have bought a very simple table and chairs from Ikea but haven’t put them out yet!
And the edges too have all been dug over and covered with mesh and then  bark, and are waiting for me to decide what select few plants/shrubs  I want there ….. at the moment I am fancying lavender ….. but I have till spring to muse.
The shed has been moved back a few feet giving me a lot more room …..
009….  and I would have like to have painted it this summer and begun to turn it into my den, but the floor needs a bit of reinforcing after the move, so I don’t want to invest anymore in it until that is done, hopefully in the next few weeks, but when it is ….. it will probably transformed in baby blue or lavender hues.
008There’s still quite a bit to do, but after a little over two years I am no longer frightened or a stranger to the pleasures of the hoe and spade, having finally got off my bum and started to prune and dig like nobody’s business, excited and fired up for what next spring and beyond will bring if I keep on doing what I am doing now, each night after work…….…… despite gaining one septic and very painful finger …….. lesson learnt …. two pairs of gardening gloves from Poundland duly purchased.
010 I know it must have been worrying The Duke as he was the gardener, seeing me leave it for so long, but at least it’s getting done now so he can get on with his fishing!!!
There is a flower patch in the middle of our village shopping area that is now my inspiration for next year …… I don’t have a clue what most of the plants are, but if I can get my flower beds to look half this good I will be so chuffed!
I have planted a few new bits and pieces and split some of the spreading plants I already have, which seem to have taken ……. so after an autumn of annihilation and a very quiet winter we will see what the spring will bring ……..


Pamela said...

You've done the ground work Helen the planting needs time and thought so you're doing the right thing. Plants also look different at different times of the year. Good luck with it all.

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Wow, what a difference! Lavender would be my choice every time, I love it, I didn't realise that some varieties smell more than others and that beautiful scent is a big part of the attraction for me! I love your dovecot too, is it used or just decorative? How lovely to see those beautiful flower beds when you go shopping. Our local council only goes for hanging baskets now, which are lovely but not the same as beds of flowers. Take care.

Linny said...

Your garden is looking amazing now. roll on next spring. Linda x

Debbie said...

Wow what a transformation, it's a lovely peaceful place now where you can relax and be stress free after a hard day. Enjoy! Hugs Debbie x

Cheryl W said...

Please continue to share photos of your garden. It is so much fun to see the transformation!