Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Tree Bottle Caps

A festive experiment today, that I think needs fine tuning for Christmas 2015, which is why, at this stage, I haven’t added any jump rings or beaded thread to hang them.
My intention was to put very simple and unadorned Fimo Christmas trees into the bottle caps,
…….. but then, I got taken over by the bling monster …..
…… who forced me to cover them with tiny Poundshop nail jewels and stars!!!
I think there is room for both designs, but the Christmas trees need to be just a fraction wider to fill the cap more, as it looks little lonely and isolated, and perhaps a few flat stars in the background ……
……. but, I do have a year to get it right for next Christmas!!!  OMG, did I really say “next Christmas”?????? I think I am finally losing the plot!!!


Cheryl W said...

I like these trees, but I think some teensy stars in the sky behind them would be great. Don't have a clue how you'll do this, but I like the idea!

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Love them, the tiny decs work really well I think. Next Christmas....steady! Take care.

Susan said...

Ah, the dreaded 'Bling Monster'. Your trees are very cute. I love that you're so happy to experiment.

marc said...

fab and who knows where they will be next year big love marc