Friday, 26 December 2014

Festive Objects Of Desire

If money was no object ………
festive bed….. wouldn’t it be wonderful …….
festive bedding.……. to have a special set of bedding ……..
festive bedding…….. just for Christmas! So this year in the sales, this is what I will be looking for, especially for the Christmas's that Iris will come to stay, it's a natural progression from Christmas pyjamas .... Primark has a "Nordic" set .... so I am off to mooch as soon as the festivities are over!


tilly said...

I hope you have all had a most wonderful day and introduced some new traditions for baby Iris.......the bedding is superb! Merry Christmas
Tilly x

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Love the bedding just for Christmas, wouldn't be able to afford most sets but Primark should be in my price range. will have to have a look for next year. Let us know what you end up with. Take care.

misteejay said...

I know what you mean Helen - I keep seeing wonderful bedding layouts in magazines and in stores but they are 'silly' money. I made do this year by buying a snowflake bedding set that was very reasonable from ASDA. I hope you are successful in the sales.
Wishing you all the very best for 2015.
Toni xx