Monday, 29 December 2014

Overly Dressed Goat Bell

My sister-in-law loves Christmas and it is a tradition to try and bring her a Christmas tree decoration from places we visit during the year
Well, I saw some tacky baubles in Greece in the summer, but Lucy gave me that look that said “No Mum, that’s just too tacky!” …… so after further searching over the holiday I finally settled for a small, simple and very plain goat bell.
However, as Christmas neared I decided that it really needed a bit of embellishing, for fear it would look just too plain and simple amongst the other rich and ornate baubles …… but…. I think I only succeeded in making it look even more tackier than the bauble I left behind!!!!!


Cheryl W said...

It's still a real goat bell, so I think it's fabulous. Received your little package. Oh, goodness, was I excited. I loved the card, bottlecap ornament and gingerbread man. I will treasure them always!!!! You are so kind and thoughtful. Is it okay with you if I feature them on my blog and link to yours? I'd love to share them and give you credit. Hugs, Cheryl

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Uumm, it is a little OTT for me, can see where you were going though. Take care.

KraftyKaren said...

I would happily hang that on my tree - it is lovely, just needs a lovely red ribbon to hang it from x