Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Penguin Bottle Caps

I am sooooooo into bottle caps and pendant trays at the moment, these are not quite finished yet, they need a jump ring and thread with a bead on to complete them, but you’ll get the gist.
I am now constantly on the look out for small, dimensional  embellishments that will fit into a bottle cap, and these skating Jolees penguins are a perfect fit …….
…….. bringing back very happy memories of my wonderful trip to Michaels in Las Vegas, which is where I bought them.


Cheryl W said...

OMG - your cutest bottle caps yet! Love those fat little penguins!

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Aren't they cute, I love their scarves flapping in the wind. Take care.

goodthings said...

They are fab Helen, you are so clever !

marc said...

fab those are lovely you need to go back and get more for next year big love marc