Monday, 10 February 2014

Quick Valentine’s Treat/Favour Bags

I have to admit to being very disappointed by the lack of “romantic” sweets available in the shops for this Valentines Day!
valentine treat bags
All I managed to get together were mini Love Hearts (£1) and some “cheap” chocolate hearts from Discount UK (99p) and a couple of nets of chocolate lips from Tesco, also £1 ……. nets of the incredibly cute Tesco ladybirds and Thornton's “love rock” seem to be a thing of the past ….. but you would have thought I would have found a few inexpensive heart shaped lollies at least!
I did have these hearts (above) that I bought back from Las Vegas from a shop called LICK, but they were pretty awful, so I just added them to my bags as confetti.
To be honest, I made them all very quickly, just as a little token gift for my friends at work, with a speedy, punched, handwritten tag. There’s not a lot of finesse to them ….. just cheap and cheerful, so everyone at least got one “Valentine”, even if it was from me!!!


Cheryl W said...

So kind of you to give these little gifts to your friends.

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. We have had the same problem, there just aren't many "love" sweets around are there! Looked online but you either have to buy large amounts or they cost silly money for just a few. Sure your work mates will love their little bags. Take care.

marc said...

they will love them big love marc ps when you come to see me bring a big empty bag on wheels lol big love marc