Thursday, 15 January 2015

Iris’s Improvised Ball Pool

Iris did have a very lovely inflatable ball pool, but it was strongly suspected that Jupiter the cat may have given it a slow puncture with one of his paws, and so the ball pool was no more! But over Christmas, with so many boxes around Laura hit upon the idea of making a new pool, by cutting the front off a shallow box.  I then took over, and securely taped all the corner flaps down on the inside of the box, and then going round the outside and cut edges for good measure.
If Andy had been there I know he would have found some of that foam, pipe lagging stuff to go round the top edges too.  We then put a soft touch blanket to line the inside and cover the sides and a support pillow to fill one corner and two sides to support Iris ……et voila, a new, improvised ball pool!
*Only to be used under strict supervision.


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. I bet Iris is just as happy with her lovingly made ball pool. A bit of time and imagination is all it takes. I bet this won't be the first cardboard box creation she has great fun with over the years. Cardboard boxes and children go together like bread and butter, we love them in our house : ) Take care.

SueF said...

Brilliant idea - very 'make do & mend'

A very good reminder that you don't have to automatically replace things :-)

marc said...

great love it i was just going to say use those pipe insulation things on the edge lol buy some they are handy when you have kids around for so many things why buy a pool when you can make your own steam cleaners are great for kids toys as well not for use on kids lol big love marc