Friday, 9 January 2015

Snowman Pendant Tray Christmas Tree Decorations

Can’t believe how into Christmas I am, but I am hoping to do a couple of craft fayres (something I have never done) in November/December of this year, and I want to build up a stock very slowly and without last minute panic making.
So I took a one inch pendant tray and lined it with a scrap of Christmas patterned paper.
And then made the snowman heads, using orange and white Fimo. Before baking I attached the noses slightly sideways and prayed they would stick firmly together, they did.  When cool I glued tiny, round, black stickers for the eyes and mouths.  I could have used black Fimo, but one black smudge and the white Fimo would be ruined, and I am not the neatest worker.
Using a head as a size guide I added snowman's shoulders to the tray, and then red scarves using scraps of card (sorry no pictures, I was concentrating so hard, I forgot)
With the scarves in place I added the finished heads gluing them with E6000 glue as once set they would be unlikely to budge. I also added a few tiny gold stars in the background.
When the E6000 was set I filled the trays with two layers of  Aleene’s Jewellery Pendant Gel (letting the first layer set first), the second layer filled the tray to the top and added extra depth.  I also painted the snowman's face with the gel to add a glazed look to it.
The final touch was adding the gingham ribbon to hang the decoration, but I am a little undecided, I am not sure about the bow ….. I am a huge advocate of less is more, but if I were to put these on a craft stall do the bows add a little something else????


Cheryl W said...

These are very cute, but I think I would actually like them better without the bow. I think it maybe steals a little of the attention away from the snowman and looks a bit like it is propped on his head.

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Love the snowmen but I agree with Cheryl that the bow does distract the eye. Take care.

Susan said...

I think these lovely little ornaments don't need the bow. They should go down a storm at a Christmas craft fair. Good thinking to build up your stock gradually.

tilly said...

beautiful pendants but I prefer without the bow, as Cheryl says it shows off the snowman best

marc said...

I Agree no bow at the bottom but you could do it at the top of the ribbon on some big love marc

goodthings said...

They are fab Helen . I like with or without the bow,x

Anonymous said...

Your pendants are always little treasures.. the gingham ribbon is a great choice since it isn't too Christmas-y and snowmen can be for all winter .....if you want a bow, Marc's suggestion of the bow on top might be your answer ....Dianne