Friday, 13 March 2015

Collier Campbell / Ikea Storage Drawers

This set of Ikea drawers was fixed to a wall in the garage, the Duke had used it to keep his fishing bits and pieces in it, but it was now empty and it seemed such a shame not to be used, so I decided to rescue it with the help of a gentleman with a drill!
I needed somewhere to put all my tealights and small candles and this was an obvious choice.
I decided that I would cover it with Collier Campbell Flower Patch wrapping paper as I wanted something really bright for my newly decorated utility room.
I outlined the edges in red Promarker pen and then simply covered the front of each drawer with the paper.
Collier Campbell wrapping paper. Cover Ikea wooden drawers….. followed by layer after layer of quick drying clear varnish, goodness knows how many!!!
IKea wooden storage drawers.Collier Campbell wrapping paperEt volia ….. sitting underneath one of my mirrors!


tilly said...

nothing beige in your house lol...... love these bright drawers to set off your fab mirror, cheerful and useful

Susan said...

I've got one of these. Mine is bare of course, whereas yours is beautiful. Sorry I've been missing your posts lately :(

Cheryl W said...

Wow! this turned out to be a real room brightener. Bet you smile every time you see it. I know I would!

Indigo Blue said...

Brilliant idea. It slo have one of those but not as pretty as this one.
Have a good weekend.

ros hodgkins said...

Hi, not sure how I found you, but I love what you have done with the ikea drawer set. They look stunning. I am hoping to follow you if I can find a box to fill in Lol.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the Duke would be pleased to see you find a use for this handy unit....goes with the mirror so well..... beautiful colours and striking display.....Dianne