Friday, 6 March 2015

The PE Lady’s Easter Chicks

The PE Lady has been knitting her Easter Chicks again which each conceal a Cabury’s cream egg.  The colours make them soooooooooo sweet!  I just can’t pick a favourite!
All of these are destined for Marc, as he has a BIG thing for knitted novelties, ….. I am not sure I could let them go if I was him!


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. How cute are these chicks? Love the Easter bags and tags you have made up too : ) Take care.

tilly said...

how cute are these lol..... I want them all !

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are the cutest most adorable chicks ever!...The PE Lady (and her Mum)never fails to enchant us with her wonderful knitted treasures .....Dianne

marc said...

i have knitting envy its one thing i struggle with love these chicks i have another set sat in my kitchen PE ladies mum rocks these are bound for all over the world this easter some goning to the usa some to germany some to dubai i need pe ladies mum to knit me a little basset hound lol ps love the easter bags and hope to see you soon big love marc