Saturday, 4 April 2015

This Is A New One On Me!!!!

I have to apologise as I just haven’t been at all Eastery project wise this year, but having said that, I haven’t seen anything that new in my usual haunts to inspire me …. but perhaps I will get my act together next year, especially with little projects to do with Iris!
However, I did spot this in the only gift shop in our village …….. now that’s a new one on me …… an Easter Bunny’s Magic Key!!!


Cheryl W said...

Hmmmmm. Kids must be asking how the Easter Bunny gets inside the house. We didn't ask when I was a kid. We just hoped he came every year!

Sandies' Patch said...

I occasionally buy the magazine, 'Landscape' in it this time is a craft project with blown eggs, wrapped in cling film, then using twine soaked in 50/50 water and pva glue, you wrap the twine around the eggs. Let dry for 24 hours, then gently crack the egg, removing the shell completely. Then decorate with dried flowers or paper ones etc. Put a length of ribbon looped through the pointy end of the 'egg' and hang on a length of twine or ribbon for a garland or simply hang on branches.
I got as far as putting the blown eggs in the cling film and putting pegs on the twisted film! I suppose as a hen keeper, I could make a Summer garland for the house?!

marc said...

Sandies patch that a great project and in london lots of people are doing wreaths for their doors all year round not just christmas but for spring summer autumn also valentine's day and easter very american but does brighten a door i have hens to big love marc ps easter bunny key new to me to we had easter egg hunts as the rabbit hid the eggs out side big love marc

Mrs B said...

Happy Easter Helen. I haven't seen this Easter Bunny key. Not something that we ever thought about as kids, the eggs just appeared.
I love the Wishes jars. Have you tried drying the dandelion clocks in the microwave, or putting them in the airing cupboard? I know that works for some other plants, it might be worth a try. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Love this!..... wonderful idea that can be enjoyed by all ages....Dianne