Friday, 10 April 2015

You Passed ….. Driving Test Matchbox

This box is made using the Tim Holtz matchbox die.
For this embellishment I used old scraps of street maps, foam car/road sign stickers (from a Poundshop) and alphabet beads. 
I decorated the sleeve of the box first …….
……. and then created a topper to go inside, sorry about the wet glue showing, and threaded the words “You Passed” in alphabet beads, the end of which I hid behind the topper when I stuck it in position.
If I could find some small chocolate cars to put in the matchbox too that would be brilliant, I remember that M & S had some a while back, but I bet they don’t have any now just because I want some!!!!!


Cheryl W said...

What a great way to let someone know you're happy they successfully passed their drivers test. It's always a big milestone, and I'm certain a new driver would really appreciate this.

marc said...

love all the matchbox things something different to give than a card and its perfect for that small gift big love marc

mumasu said...

This is great, I love the matchboxes :)

Anonymous said...

This card is just wonderful!......sure to be loved and appreciated by anyone going through driving test trauma....,Dianne