Monday, 22 June 2015

Dino Poop Party Favour Jars And A Makeshift Dinosaur Door Wreath

Following my post on Friday, about my 10,000BC/Dinosaur Leaving Party, I thought I would show you the favours I made for my guests as a little memento.I’ll be honest, I wanted to find a way to use up a box of jars I had gathered from various poundshops. All came in packs of four (£1), so at 25p a jar, they were/still are a bargain.
I will also admit that I made them in rather a rush, leaving everything to the last minute ……  I know I could have put them together a little more “professionally”, so, if I wanted to make them again to sell, I am going to add what I “coulda,woulda,shoulda” done in this post as well …….
Firstly, I filled the jars, trying to keep costa down with Tesco Everyday Value Midget Gems at 25p for 175g bag, from which I could fill one and half jars …… But, if I was making them to sell, I would fill them with something like Toffee Crisp or Twirl Bites, Chocolate Buttons or Carmel Nibbles (all Poundland) to make them look ….. erm, how shall I put it, more realistic!!!!!!
On top of each jar lid I glue gunned a small dinosaur …. some I got at the village Easter Fayre for pence and the others, came from The Entertainer, reduced to £1!  If I was doing them again, perhaps I would cut a circle of dolls house/model makers grass or some self adhesive Vivelle to add a little more “realism and detail” …. but this would be an added expense if you don’t have that sort of thing amongst your stash.
And lastly, I could have used my Stampin’Up punches to make the jar labels a little more elaborate …… but just for this occasion I made do with simply printing out “Dino Poop” and then punching out, before adding a quick dollop of glue to stick them on each side of the jar.
On my front door I simply added the dinosaurs that were left over to my twig wreath, which is also decorated, all the year around with two sets of Poundshop battery operated lights.
It did the job!!!!


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. Love the Dino door wreath and the jars. You always give me lots of ideas, thank you. Take care.

Cheryl W said...

You are so clever and creative. I can only imagine how they'll miss you at work! Love these favor jars.

marc said...

these are great and every one who saw mine asked me where i got it from you could really sale these great party favours for any kids dino party you can get plastic bottles to big love marc

Anonymous said...

Seeing the dinos on the tops of the jars has made me want to do something similar, but spray the dino and the top of the jar in gold metallic paint!