Monday, 1 June 2015

Leaving Card – We’re Going To Miss You.

This card is A5 in size and is made by simply scoring and then folding a sheet of A4, white linen effect card in half.
I made a set of five of these leaving cards, all with a slight variation, for work before I left, in order to pay off my staffroom dues, rather than make the usual  cash donation, so as I said before, you’ll probably be seeing one of them a month for a while! As part of the making I am gradually working my way through my vast piles of adhesive alphabets, and I am still working out what I do when I am left with only consonants!
The various word “plaques” are mat and layered on vibrant matching coloured papers, but as usual  arranging  them, no matter how careful I thought I was, proved to be a nightmare getting them to fit.  One day I will get it right first time without having to resort to some frustrated trimming!
To bring the design all together I have used “overkill” adding large and medium sized, punched and layered flowers and foliage, with flat backed gems and faux stitching with strategically placed groups of three dots, drawn with a black fine liner pen.
Very over the top for me, but I think sometimes leaving cards should be over the top!


Cheryl W said...

Great card! I think it's perfect for the intended use. Love all the bright colors.

tilly said...

this is so simple yet has the wow factor for me..... they will certainly miss you at school.....

Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. An "over the top" one is perfect as a leaving card. I love the cheerfullness(?) of it.Take care.