Monday, 8 June 2015

Two Felt Bird Cards

This card measures 4.5 ins x 4.5ins and is made using a white linen effect, hand cut card blank.
This felt bird sticker came from a large pack I bought in Michaels in Las Vegas (I can still remember every minute detail of that visit, even though it is almost two years ago ….. the smells, the sounds, the joy, everything!). however (if you fancy a pack), I have now seen them in a couple of craft shops over here.
I have tried to use them on several occassions, but nothing seemed to come together properly, but, after going through my huge box of stickers I have finally been able to marry a couple of them up with these other felt stickers I got from WH Smith umpteen years ago.Now that I am being erm ….. super budget conscious, I am becoming more and more aware of how much I have spent on my crafts in the past, and their “worth”, which is why, if I really can’t think of a way to use them I am considering putting them on e-bay, especially the good stuff like K & Co., in an effort to recoup a few pennies here and there ….. to put towards my eventual move.


Mrs B said...

Hi Helen. A pretty card today. You are slowly getting through your old stash aren't you : ) Take care

shirley arnold said...

hi Helen, I can really recommend selling your unwanted stash on ebay.I did this and paid for our annual holiday a few years ago when I had to leave work due to illness.I enjoy reading your blogs

Susan said...

This is a very pretty card. The bird goes so well with the other felt stickers. I wonder why they never 'met' before?

joanold said...

Are you on Facebook? I've spent the past year selling my excess papercrafting stash in one of the groups. It's called Card Craft Items for Sale. There are lots of other selling groups, but this one has a very large membership. The advantage over e-bay is that you don't pay e-bay charges, only Paypal fees. I've made enough money to take myself and my daughter on a P&O cruise this summer.

Love all of your cards, by the way.

Di said...

Oh this is lovely Helen!

A thought, why not set up an additional page on your blog and list your goodies for sale on here? Cheaper than eBay's fees I should think :) You'd probably need to set up a PayPal button or just conduct it by email and give folk your Paypal account info. so they can transfer money over to you. You certainly get a lot of visitors so it could be worth at least trying? OR, there's also a Facebook Forum or two for selling stash, again it's free. 'Crafty De-Stashing' is one.

Hugs, Di xx

Cheryl W said...

Fab card. Love the colors on this one. I often look at my boxes, drawers and shelves filled with craft tools and supplies and scold myself for spending so much on all this stuff! I am trying to hold back now, but there is always a tug of war inside my head as to whether I should buy more or not. I'm constantly lecturing myself about the difference between "needs" and "wants."