Monday, 3 August 2015

A Little Wish Bottle

As I have said many times, sometimes if I am not happy with an idea/project, I put it away and come back to it later, as was the case with this little wish bottle.
My frustration was all down to the dandelion seeds, which when I first put them in the bottle I could hardly see them, and so didn’t look very “magical”, but now, after a year or so on my shelf,  I noticed that they had dried and the effect I had wanted had finally been achieved.I haven’t done a lot to the bottle, just wound some blue thread round the top and then tied a silver wishbone charm into it.  The label is made using a Dymo label maker but I am wondering if it is delicate enough? Perhaps another idea for next time.
On the top I had glued an ornate silver spacer bead with a tiny eye screw in the centre, to which I linked a jump ring so that the bottle can be worn on a cord or chain or perhaps ……  hung on a branch on a tree in a secret place  …… left, if you believe in such things,  as an offering for the wish to come true?????. Now, there’s a thought ……..


Cheryl W said...

This little whimsical piece is so full of imagination and hope. I love it!

Susan said...

A lovely idea. I wish I had half of your imagination.

Anonymous said...

Oooh that's lovely. Gorgeous.

Newell DymoUK said...

It looks very cute and promising. When I look at it I get the urge to make a wish already. The dandelions inside look very light, tender and clear. Just like a wish closed in a bottle.