Monday, 5 October 2015

24 Days Of Books – Iris’s Alternative Advent Calendar

I’ve seen this idea several times now on the internet and thought what a wonderful idea it would be for Iris, who already loves books …….
Christmas Books Advent Calendar. GiftSo I’ve been nipping in to the charity shops of Wolverhampton and Evesham looking for books with a Christmas story or a wintery, snowy tale featuring penguins, stars, polar bears etc., so her little brain isn’t entirely swamped by all things Christmas, but hope to find a nice copy of the “Night before Christmas” for Christmas Eve.
When I have gathered a pile of 24 books, I will wrap them all up separately in different papers, attaching a big number tag on each, so that we can have fun searching for the right story for the right day in December. If I have time, I would like to embellish each tag to make them just that little bit more special ….. but that all depends on how the time goes.
After Christmas, the books and tags can be put away for the following year and hopefully many more Christmas’s to come. I would love think that perhaps the tradition will continue until Iris has her own children, but we will see! 
…….. As I write this, one idea leads to another, I am thinking that perhaps I should find a sturdy wooden box and decorate it suitably to keep the books safe from year to year …… hmmmmmmm


Simone said...

So much more than an Advent calendar. A lovely idea! :-)

Bee and Dee said...

A lovely idea.

Susan said...

Loving this idea especially now that I have my very first grandchild a beautiful little girl, 1 month old. Gorgeous. I know you're not claiming this idea as yours, but it's the first I've heard about it, so thank you. You'll have your work cut out making those special tags AND a box to find and decorate.

Roni said...

I have two grandkids (ages 2 & 3) and the wee ones would have a great time with this but I would need to get them a book each coz just sometimes they aren't very good at sharing!! Thanks for the idea, I love it!

Big hugs
Roni xox

marc said...

Great thing to do and you can then make the tags in to book marks for each book ,yep needs a nice box and may be a little sweet treat as well to eat while reading the book for nan big love marc