Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mini Printers Tray Christmas Decorations Revisited

I was very kindly sent these wooden trays by , which, I believe, used to hold small wooden embellishments, but like so many crafty things, I can sit on something for years before eventually using it/them.
Originally I left the first trays I made, all those years ago in November 2011, grey and just added a faux stitching effect (below), using a white gel pen.
Picture 092……. but this year, for the revisited version,  I decided to spray them in a mat white paint from Wilkos instead.
Also, this time around, I haven’t mat and layered any of the backgrounds or added many small details or doodling round the edges ….. but I think they still work.  In all I made eight trays, all slightly different, finally using all the trays that …. originally sent me.
I covered the back of each tray with a red and white stripy Christmas paper and then mat and layered on white, then silver my handwritten Christmas message/greeting, adding the date - Christmas 2015, These will be given to special people, instead of a Christmas Card as a more lasting momento of this Christmas, which I hope, will come out year after year, unlike the vast majority of cards.


Cheryl W said...

I actually like both the gray and the white versions, Helen. These are such sweet Christmas decorations. They'll be a wonderful addition to anyone's celebration.

marc said...

i love them fab make big love marc

Roni said...

This is a gem of an idea Helen!! Lots of cards do go in the bin but I've still got my mum's handmade card from last year that I've put out again this year! It just means that bit more when it's handmade and what you've done there is extra special and I'm sure the recipient will love it!!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox