Saturday, 12 December 2015

My First Christmas Card

Doesn’t this just make your heart sing ……..
IMG_7225It was made for me (with a little help from Mum) by Rory, the baby boy who lives next door to Tom and Laura in Evesham, it doesn’t matter how many dies, flat backed gems and all manner of other fiddle fart you have, these are always the best cards ever!!!!!


marc said...

to sweet for words makes you smile the little girl next door to me did a angel with hand prints as wings so lovely big love marc

Pamela said...

Such a brilliant idea - I like Marc's neighbour's idea too. I can see this type of card being kept forever and cherished.

Cheryl W said...

What a precious card! Love those little reindeer. I can understand why you treasure it. I would, too!