Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas …….

Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas without embellishing a few Elizabeth Shaw Mints, using my trusty old Stampin Up punches.
IMG_7070I found the cheapest place for the dark chocolate mints this year was Iceland where they were selling two boxes for £4.  Finding the milk chocolate variety is harder but I managed to I find some in Home Bargains for (I think) £2.50 a box.
IMG_7071Making the mints was also an excellent opportunity for a bit more stash busting, as I managed to use up a couple of packs of snowman stickers that I have had for a couple of years, which, I think, came from either  Poundland or Poundworld.  Finding nice Christmas stickers (like Halloween) for this sort of project in discount/poundshops seems to be getting harder and harder, where once upon a time I was spoilt for choice  …… this year I have found only a couple of packs, and to be honest they were pants!!!!!!  As I have always said if you like something, it’s worth considering buying more than you need for one Christmas, because more often than not you will not see them again.
I have decorated both sides of the mints and then popped four mints in a pretzel bag, adding some of the leftover snowflake stickers also from the packs on the outside and finally tying up with a narrow red gingham ribbon.


Cheryl W said...

You have been SO busy! These decorated mints look fabulous and will be such a nice surprise for the recipient. While I've never tasted an Elizabeth Shaw mint, I am sure they are delicious!! It has been so fun to see some of your merry preparations for the holidays. Keep 'em coming!

marc said...

these are fab and every one loves them you can do them with any round choc if you have the right size punch or diys i used gold coins and a set of star shaped diys to make some big love marc

Roni said...

I always love these when you do these Helen, I'd be chuffed to bits to receive something like this on Christmas Day! Yumm!!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox

KraftyKaren said...

Tesco this year have had lovely chocolate mint assortment boxes for 2.50 - you get the round mints but also square ones - so appearing on my blog sometime soon will be packs made with square wrapped mints - as always inspired by your original idea.

We are off on a cruise this year so the next few days will see me busy making up packs of these to give out to dining companions and crew on Christmas Day as a little token gift.

These are lovely as always x