Saturday, 2 January 2016

No Resolutions for 2016 …….. I'll Be Too Busy ...........Just Roll On The Good Times!!

It has taken a year and about four days to keep my one and only resolution of 2015 and that was to sort out all my addresses from my old Lavender address book to a new “romantic” French one given to me by the Lovely Laura’s mum for Christmas last year (2014)!  That’s why I don’t do resolutions!!!
However, Lucy and I decided a little while ago instead of presents etc. we would “do” experiences  through holidays and weekends away.  So Harrogate is already booked for February, neither of us has been there before so it will be quite an adventure.
IMG_6883Before Christmas we went to Liverpool, originally to see Reeves and Mortimer, but unfortunately the event was cancelled because Bob Mortimer had to undergo heart surgery, despite this we had such a fantastic time we decided we really needed to do the touristy thing sometime in the new year, including a bus tour and a ferry ‘cross the Mersey…….. and as I type this another weekend has been booked to see Ross Noble, though I think another longer weekend will also be booked.
IMG_6773Because I am no longer ruled by taking my main break in the school holidays we can now book holidays out of season, when they are considerably cheaper, so hopefully we plan to visit a Greek Island to be decided in May, and perhaps a trip to Spain in late September/early November, selling, buying and moving houses permitted!!
download (1)Then …… what I really, really want to do, along with three very excited monkeys go to the Bridge Cafe in London where the losing team from The Apprentice go to after they have had their mauling in the boardroom with Lord Sir Alan Sugar …… Marc says that it isn’t too far from him, so it has to be done this year!!!!
BUT there’s more ………. not just a plan ……. the next visit is for REAL!!!!!!!!

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Cheryl W said...

It sounds like you have a fabulous year ahead. You'll be making lots of wonderful memories.