Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My Lounge Area

I think I have managed to divide the main room, which runs across the whole length of the back of my flat, into four areas which all work pretty successfully; the lounge, dining area and kitchen plus the work/crafty area at the side of the kitchen that I shared with you the other day. It’s weird, when I am in each part it’s as if the other areas aren’t there, if that makes any sense and I achieved it without using any furniture as dividers, it just came together, leaving the room to feel open and light. 
Lounge Area So, this is the lounge area as it was when I had just moved in, with just an airbed, and stool!  I bought the white TV bench from the seller, as it was from the Ikea Hemnes range which I liked, but if I found it didn’t work it wouldn’t really matter, it was a sort of starting point. I had only seen the flat twice before I moved and that was only for about 15 minutes each time when it was piled high with so much stuff.  When the big day came I could barely remember what was where and just spent the first few hours  wandering from room to room, without a clue what I was going to do it it! 
Once I had gathered my nerve, the first thing I did was get the room painted in calico and white gloss, which was followed through to the rest of the rooms and quickly freshened the whole place up.
The Range Rose ChandalierI then decided to start at the top with the light fittings, choosing two cream coloured, rose chandeliers from The Range to go at each end of the room, my first “executive” d├ęcor decision, and from there, worked my way down and around, spending more hours measuring than I ever dreamed possible.
The cream carpet had to go and was quickly replaced throughout the flat by a lovely wooden oak floor, quickly followed by cream, linen effect blinds, fitted to the inside of the window to add depth and maximise light.
whole roomA humungous order was then duly placed with Ikea, enough to furnish the whole flat, plus a three seat corner sofa and footstool from DFS, something I had set my heart on years ago, but despite my long felt want, I had a couple of very restless nights worrying whether it would fit or not,  despite all my aforementioned hours of measuring.
lounge area DFS Shout Corner Sette and pouffeWhen it arrived all my worries were unfounded, it all fit, with plenty of room room to spare!
DFS Shout patchwork 3 seater corner unitTwo Hemnes sets of drawers were then put on either side of the sofa, up went two floating shelves and a mirror that originally came from the bathroom of The Castle, plus a standard lamp and a coupe of table lamps.
DFS Shout 3 seat corner unit PatchworkHowever, after about six weeks later I decided that I still had a bit of space to spare, without it looking too overcrowded.
DFS shout armchair patchworkDFS Shout Corner Unit
So, I ordered the Shout armchair to go with the sofa and footstool, which arrived last week and brings everything together.  I never dreamed it would all turn out so well.
I also had another floating shelf fitted over the TV, at first I wasn’t too sure about it, but now it’s like it has always been there.
original Ikea drawer knobcrystal knobs
There is one small touch I added to all the doors and drawers on all of the furniture, it had to be done! All the boring brown Ikea knobs had to go and were replaced by beautiful, sparkly glass knobs from Home Bargains, costing just £3.99 for four. The price is ridiculous, in the past I have spent triple that for just one knob (if you’ll pardon the expression), lets just say I bought copiously, when faced with all things glittery what’s this girl going to do?
DFS Shout Patchwork armchair and pouffe DFS shout armchair and pouffe
I have never put anything together like this before, to be honest The Duke always used to take the lead, as I never really had a clue, but I have to admit to feeling rather chuffed with myself!


Pamela said...

You've done really well Helen. I love your new flooring and all the white furniture adds to the light airy feel. The sofa and chair, although not to my taste, are very 'you' and remind me of the decoupaged table you had in the 'Castle'.

Di said...

Everything's just fabulous and so 'you' Helen! Love the seating especially and changing the knobs was a super idea. They say the devil is in the detail and you're proving that one. Do we get to see the rest of the room?


Sticky Beak of Hampshire

tilly said...

wow, it looks fantastic, I remember you showing us a few years ago furniture like this, my first experience of patchwork chairs lol....

misteejay said...

It is looking lovely Helen.
Toni xx

Sue said...

Gosh you have been busy! It all looks amazing. Love the sofa and chair combo (although I don't think they'd 'wash' with my old man). The replacement knobs look sooooo much better than the originals. Fantastic styling.

Virginia said...

Wow it looks fantastic - loving the sofa!

grumpypickle said...

good to see you back and wishing you well in your new home.

YorkshireKaren said...

Ooh Helen it all looks perfect! I've lusted after that sofa for a good while, too, so it's great to see how lovely it looks in real life. Well done, you could set up as an interior decorator!

Roni said...

It looks fab Helen! So light and spacious and yet so colourful! You sofa is gorgeous! You done well!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox

marc said...

it works so well and having things lifted of the floor on small legs give the room a air of being so much bigger your eye for detail is keen and you have a natural knack with colour and as rick has told you its in the detail he would not let any one dress his stands but he left you on your own to do it that says a lot big love marc ps it looks a 100 x better in real life the photos dont catch the light and the depth of colour

Weezy said...

Your flat feels so bright and airy - I adore the bright colourful furniture, it makes it feel so fun and funky! A real crafters paradise!!! :-)