Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Blast Front The Past

When I saw this original Sizzix Machine, still in almost perfect box for just £4.99, I was almost tempted to buy it!
original sizzix machineIt bought back so many memories of Alan and Barry on Create and Craft when I first to take crafting seriously, and this was beyond my wildest dreams and budget!  Those were the days of Mendala stamps, peels offs and Pink Pig heat guns, oh my goodness me how times have changed!  I wonder if it’s regarded as an antique now?


Cheryl W said...

I keep watching for a Sizzix to come into the local thrift store where I volunteer. My poor Cuttlebug is wearing out - and has a broken foot. I'd buy a used Sizzix in a heartbeat if it would fit my needs!

PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-I think I would have to have bought it just because of the price! Definitely a blast from the past.


misteejay said...

How lovely when things bring back memories like this.
My friend bought one of these on e-bay for £10 which she thought was a good deal. Unfortunately the postage cost more as these machines were rather heavy.
Toni xx

jackie said...

I still have a Sizzix. Mine has a black carry bag and its so heavy I can hardly lift it. I love my Cuttlebug though so easy to use.

YorkshireKaren said...

I still have my Sizzix, and although I hardly ever craft now (sewing has taken over!), I will always keep it....it's really handy for cutting luggage and gift tags, and there's something so satisfying about clunking the handle down! I know my Cricut is cleverer, but the Sizxix is for keeps!

Lisa xx said...

I was beyond excited when my hubby got me one of these for Christmas, must've been 9 or 10 years ago......it served me well until I got a big shot about four years ago. I still keep it as a spare if I am working over at my mother's and still works as well as it ever did!

fantastic piece of kit!

Paula said...

Those were the days - I started crafting when Alan and Barry reigned supreme. I always wonder what they are up to these days.

Roni said...

I still have my Sizzix, I always said if I needed to throw anything at an intruder it would be my Sizzix so I can't part with it!!

Alan & Barry made you smile! I think half the time they made it up as they went along but they were the original Kings of craft!! They have a website - alanandbarry.co.uk - where you can still see videos of them, although Alan has retired, but they are there!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox