Monday, 5 December 2016

Little Bird Wish Bottle Christmas Tree Decoration.

I think Marc sent me these tiny silver bird beads a good few years ago now and finally I got to wondering, since I was on a “bottle roll”, if I could put one in a bottle
Tiny bird in a bottle wish bottle 2Lets just say it was fiddly, as I had to thread the eye pin through the cork and then put the bird bead on the end, very carefully bending a short length under the bird to prevent it from falling off, without showing too much of the pin end, if that makes sense.
The small “wish” charms, wrapped round the bottle neck with two small beads measure 12mm x 9mm and came from e-bay costing £2.35 (inc P & P) for 20.
Tiny bird wish bottle.The beads on the thread are particularly twinkly and came from a necklace bought for about £1 from a local charity shop, and disassembled, the iridescent colours going perfectly with the wish theme.
The ornamental hanger is made using a silver, metal spacer bead with a tiny eye pin screwed into the cork,
The bottles are available from The Works, £1 for a pack of 6 or in bulk online for £10.


PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely craft project-you must have so much patience.


Pamela said...

Another great idea for the bottles. This design is really pretty and goes well with the 'wish' theme.

tilly said...

it's beautiful but so tiny and fiddly...don't think my fingers could do that now, I have trouble with needles as it is lol...

Cheryl W said...

These may be my favorite so far. That little bird is so perfect for these miniature bottles and a perfect reminder that wishes really can come true.

marc said...

i am loving these you need to get selling these in some of those lovely little gift shops forgive the pun but they would fly out big love marc