Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wonky Snowman Gift Tag – Snowmen Don’t Have Ears!

Following on from yesterday I spent far to much time working on this snowman tag trying to get him to look right before realising it wasn’t me being ultra fussy, it was the wooden tag!
Wooden Snowman Tag - That went wrong. Snowmen don't have earsAt first, I thought, from the outline that the snowman was wearing a hat, but though I tried to cut several out they never seemed to fit or sit well on his head, so I gave up and gave him a self adhesive Santa hat (from Yellowmoon).  I then gave him a scarf using scraps of paper and that seemed to work OK ……..
Snowmen Don't have ears…….But trying to get a cute snowman face was a nightmare.  I used a fimo carrot nose (moulded and then baked) because I thought it would add character and extra dimension, but no mater where I put his eyes and mouth he always looked decidedly dodgy. I really thought I was losing the plot, then I looked again, what I thought was the rim on his bobble hat were ears, and I am sorry, snowmen DON’T have ears!!! I was trying to create a snowman face, but what I was actually seeing was a cartoon “human” face …… and, what made it worse, when I really looked, was the ears weren’t even level …..
So, this snowman is destined for the bottom of a box, to remind me, whenever I happen upon him, to look carefully an snowman blanks ……because, for me at least, snowmen don’t have ears!!!! ……


Cheryl W said...

One way to remedy the "ears" is to give him a fuzzy pair of earmuffs - maybe in a color to coordinate with his scarf. He's still pretty cute, though, ears and all.

misteejay said...

Snowmen do not have ears - I agree with you there.
How strange that the makers thought they should have ears.
Toni xx

jc2711 said...

Hmmmmm, if it was me I would sand the snowman's ears off, or cut them off with a knive and then sand the area. Do it quicly he will not feel it!

Jackie and Mr Bob

marc said...

lol and you are so fussy about snowmen in the first place i know i have been shopping with you they are on a par with gingerbread men lol big love marc he has ears like me infact his whole shape is like me lol