Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Covered Satsuma Box

I have finally taken the plunge and put together a few bits and pieces to take up to the café where Iris and I like to “lunch” on a Wednesday.  It was the very first place in Evesham that I went for a coffee and have been a regular ever since, with the owner Josi becoming a lovely friend.
Covered Satsuma CrateI ate quite a few satsumas over Christmas and kept a couple of the boxes, “just in case” and decided to tart this one up for my goodies, the crate matching the style of Josi’s Café Moo Moos.
Decorated Christmas Satsuma CrafteI was in a bit of a hurry, so it was a bit of a slap and dash covering, but it looks cheerful and a little more professional than the Tupperware box I was originally going to use.
Covered Wooden satsuma boxI put my blog name on the front, but decided not to put any contact details on in the first instance and wait and see if there is any feedback. I would like to be able to top the box up through the seasons in my own good time, leaving it at that for the time being with no pressure.


Di said...

Bless you Helen - I'm sure the contents will fly! Mind you, I had to press me nose against the screen here for a good ole 'sticky beak'. Whatever you make will be a delight, and am so happy that Josi is now a good friend. Don't tell me, the boys will be doing catering shifts there next? Does she have plastic sachets of sauces for the arrangement thereof?


Di xx

tilly said...

what a goodway to repurpose your box, I'm sure your goodies will sell well, it takes the fun away to have to do orders and folks will look for it when you decide to replenish ! good luck, it will help towards the cost of more goodies

Sue said...

Great idea for the box. You really do find a creative use for everything! I'm sure the contents will appeal to many of the regulars at the café for all sorts of reasons.

marc said...

fab glad you took the plunge who knows were you will take it but in your own time as i always tell you big love marc