Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Christmas Microscope Slide With Wooden Stars.

This idea really didn’t work!  Admittedly it was an experiment, hence only a couple of pictures, my new self adhesive aluminium foil tape had just arrived and I wanted to try it out right away to reassure myself that I hadn’t wasted my money!
Microscope Slide Christmas Tree DecorationLet’s just say the tape is brilliant, but the slide, in my opinion, is wanting! I like the text background, sandwiched between the two slides, but the wooden stars,(Paperchase)  are just far too chunky and look clumsy and completely out of place   I think a microscope slide decoration/ornament should be light and delicate, and this certainly is not!  The wooden stars are, I think, better suited to a domino decoration instead, so there’s another “experiment” in the making
Microscope Slide Christmas Star DecorationIf/when I make another using the same paper, I would also put the stars on the inside of the glass and then find a suitable silver/green/burgundy embellishment to stick on the glass, if just a filigree corner (on order from China), and then add a charm, i.e a Christmas Tree to a bail on the bottom.


Cheryl W said...

Thank you for sharing projects that you think need improvement. It's not always easy, I'm sure, but it helps all of us learn. Especially when you talk through why you feel it doesn't work. I've learned so much from you!

Kazbomps said...

I dont think it is that the stars are too big but they are a dull colour. They are lacking in a bit of sparkle. Always good to experiment though. Karen x