Thursday, 23 March 2017

Easter Card Maker Of The Year …… Mia!

I give up ……. I popped into Moo Moos (Port Street, Evesham) for a cheeky takeaway coffee on my way to pick Madam up from nursery when I spied a basket of handcrafted Easter cards on the counter, well, it would be rude not to size up the competition, wouldn’t it?  I know when I am beaten, they were absolutely brilliant, it would be pointless to even try to compete against such a master!
They were made by Mia, the adorable daughter of Josi, who owns Moo Moos.
miaIt was hard to choose which I one I liked best …….. but in the end I bought the “Easter Bird In Flight” one for Bertie and Iris.
Easter CardsWhat can I say ……
…… my crafty card career in Evesham has ground to a halt before I have even started!
IMG_1803I think I will just stick to making the sweetie bags that I have on the opposite side of the counter!
IMG_1802Well done Little Moo!


Cheryl W said...

Little Mia definitely has an abundance of mojo. What a sweet little crafter, and it was so nice of you to purchase some of her creations.

tilly said...

wow, how talented, they are better than mine lol, well done that little Moo